Website and Shop Updated – Canadian Ethical Fashion

Well it’s been months in the making, and finally the website and shop have been filled with fresh new items and information.

We are still committed to natural dyes and handcrafted, but we have expanded both our styles and the fibres we use. With fibres, you will now see wool, cotton, and organic cotton as options. There are also wool hats lined with cotton for extra comfort.

Our collections include:

– the Heritage Series – knits that explore patterns celebrating Canada

– Cotton Classics – cotton and organic cowls and scarves suitable for all four seasons. This series is also vegan friendly clothing.

– Wool Classics – naturally dyed wool hats and scarves, perfect to keep you warm all winter

– One-Of-A-Kind – just as it is titled, special  unique pieces where only one is made

What else is new? This year we are going “zero waste”. How are we doing that? Now all pieces are “made upon ordering “. It only made sense to take this ethical step. It is the forward way to create ethical fashion. Luckily, as each piece is designer handcrafted in Canada, we are able to make huge steps in creating environmentally sympathetic pieces of clothing.

I hope you enjoy the updated website and all the new items in the shop.