Why Our “Coming Soon” Is So Interesting and Different – Ethical Fashion

If you have visited our SHOP recently, you may have noticed a few “Coming Soon” pieces listed. Listing a piece as “Coming Soon” isn’t exactly revolutionary, but because we create wearables differently we thought it was worth a discussion.

As we create each piece by hand, the piece we are sharing as “Coming Soon” is the actual piece in progress. You are seeing an image of a partially made piece. A piece made by hand. A piece created in an un-industrial manner, rather than from a factory. We like transparency. We like to share. We want our customers to be involved, and we like to keep you up to date on what we are actually working on so that you can watch for it.

Some pieces we list are “One-Of-A-Kind”, while others are “Permanent Collection”. Our “Permanent Collection” pieces are created in a “made upon ordering” system, where once the item is ordered the fibre is dyed and knit according to the requirements of the piece. We have implemented this system in order to create “zero waste” products. We are able to do this as each product we offer begins life as an undyed piece of string, be it cotton, wool, bamboo, alpaca, hemp or Tencel. Creating products from the yarn stage means we are able to control yarn waste, dye waste and excess inventory. We feel this is a forward thinking way to create wearable pieces.

In addition to visiting our SHOP  to see what we have on the horizon, we invite you to check us out on Instagram. Our Instagram handle is @w1hundred . Instagram is our social media home where we share the actual making of pieces. You will see our prep work, dyeing, knitting, designing, inspiration, finished pieces, and sometimes the testing of finished pieces (yes, the fancy term for hiking, snowshoeing and beach walking).

We hope you will continue to follow along, and check back often, to see how we make your clothes.

(By the way, all the images posted here are currently listed as “Coming Soon” in our SHOP .)

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