West Coast Inspiration

A little west coast influence.

I’m currently out creating in my island workshop on the west coast. Different work spaces provide different focuses, projects and influences.

Waves and west coast greys influenced the style of the zero-waste toque in the picture, which makes sense considering the picture was taken in a spot that is only a short walk from the workshop.

Our pieces often embrace their Canadian roots in style, materials and design. We are proud to be Canadian, and choose to be authentically Canadian in our designs, rather than mimic the styles of European knitwear. We feel by staying true to our core value of producing Canadian products, it allows each of our customers to wear a little bit of Canada.

New pieces are being worked on and will be listed online in the coming weeks.

W1 Hundred offers their products for sale online. We also welcome inquiries from retailers interested in adding our pieces to their offering.