Spring 2020

Spring 2020, a spring all of us, worldwide, will remember. A spring of covid-19 affecting the globe, lockdowns, business closures, and public health restrictions. A spring where all the children have been sent home from school (for months), lining up at grocery stores, and social distancing. It has been an unusual time. However sometimes unusual times are exactly what we need.

Spring 2020 brought quieter times. More time to appreciate home. More time to appreciate nature. Time to reflect on things that are important to us. Time to reflect on the things we value. In a strange way, it was a positive time.

As a person it is impossible to not be affected by the events of this spring, as a business it is no different. Over the quiet times of the past few months we have discovered a few things about our products and their creation. We have discovered how closely our pieces are linked to leisure time; weekends, beach and forest walks, evenings on the deck, and time at the cottage or cabin (hopefully very soon!). We realized lifestyle is very much a part of how we create. Over the next little while we are going to integrate lifestyle into our blog. We feel that sharing things we enjoy, in addition to product posts, will make for a more interesting read, plus give some insight into the inspiration and values behind our pieces.

I look forward to you following along.

– Debra