Wildflower Walk

Summer has arrived, and with it comes wildflower season. A walk through a natural area is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Hare Bells

After an afternoon of knitting and dyeing, I decided to venture out on a local trail. The trail travels through a bird sanctuary,and provides both forest and grassland views, while skirting two small lakes.

Gaetz Lakes

A few years ago a major wind storm blew through the sanctuary, felling over 1000 trees, which greatly changed the area.

One of the positive effects of the storm, and the fallen trees, was an opening up of a dark, forested area to sunlight. With the sunlight, a natural garden of wildflowers has been allowed to flourish.

Wild Rose

Wild Roses are finally in bloom after a very long winter.

Canada Violet

Mounds of Canada Violets skirt the edge of the path.


A few Columbine are hidden among leafy foliage.

Lady’s Slipper

Meanwhile one Lady’s Slipper plant was spotted in the grassy area, with Blue-Eyed Grass for company.

Blue-Eyed Grass

Even overhead there were flowers.

American Cranberry Bush

It’s that perfect time of year when everything is bloom. The perfect time for a weekend walk.


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