Open Studio Door – Prep Work – February 19, 2022

Our “Open Studio Door” posts are a way to invite readers into our studio. This is a way to share daily studio activities, and all the methods involved in creating our pieces.

Today in the studio, prep work for creating knitwear, and woven pieces, is the focus.

Every piece begins life with un-dyed yarn. The main fibres we currently work with are wool. alpaca, cotton, bamboo and Tencel.

The yarn is initially knit into blanks in preparation for dyeing. This method may be time consuming, but eliminates dealing with knots and tangles in the dyeing process.

Once the blanks are complete, the dyeing process commences.

Usually dyeing is completed over multiple days, sometimes weeks.

Once the blanks have been dyed, they are then stripped back to yarn form, in preparation for knitting or weaving.

Prep work can take as long as the actual knitting or weaving process, depending on how fine the yarn is, or how complex the dyeing process is.

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