A Brit, a Canadian, a discussion focused on the concept of ethical clothing and the 100 Mile Wardrobe.

A discussion focused on how ethically produced clothing can be created to be classic or cool, for the city or the wilds.

A belief that it was time to take ethical clothing mainstream.

A belief that those who value luxury brands also value being forward thinking, and supporting low impact methods in the fashion industry.

A belief that true luxury lies in custom designed pieces, crafted using carefully chosen fibres, and produced as ethically as possible. This includes a fair wage being paid in all stages of creation, from farmer, to mill, to designer, to creator.

A belief that those who believe in luxury pieces, realize true luxury is found in beautiful pieces that have been created with the least impact on the environment, and the utmost respect for those involved in production from raw materials to finished product.

A belief that the time is “now”, to change how apparel is made.

A belief in pure clothing.

W1 Hundred provides designer crafted artisanal pieces. We feature carefully chosen fibres, naturally dyed by hand. We take pride in our hand knit and hand woven pieces, and sometimes we just plain like to show off when we make one-of-a-kind pieces.

W1 Hundred focuses on the creation of bespoke toques and scarves…….which makes sense……..because our pieces are always made in Canada…….and who knows more about needing to keep warm than Canadians.