Micro Series – Cotton Scarves

Cotton scarves are an eternal classic. They are wonderful for year round wear, and come in a range of options from textured to smooth, and from undyed cotton to multi-colored.

Multi-colored scarves present a fresh look.

The colored knit scarves are often one-of-a-kind pieces as they feature cotton dyed by hand in natural botanical dyes.

We often create extended length scarves, allowing for a range of different ways to wear, and tie, the scarf.

Many of our scarves feature doublebed knitting, or flatbed single knitting, where the organic nature of stitches characteristic of handcrafted knitwear make each piece unique.

Pure, un-dyed cotton is perfect for classic, timeless scarves.

The monochrome nature of undyed cotton creates the perfect scenario to contrast textured stripes against areas of finely knit cotton.

These scarves incorporate the same techniques as the colored scarves.

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