Micro Series – The “Weaver’s Hand” Scarves

Our “Weaver’s Hand” Cotton Scarves are a rare offering, as we only very rarely have hand woven pieces available for sale online.

The series is called “Weaver’s Hand”, as these pieces showcase hand dying and the organic nature of hand woven textiles. The pieces are woven in a way that embraces the look of traditional hand weaving.

Hand woven textiles feel different to factory produced fabric, they feel earthy like true natural fibre, and have more organic designs and weave patterns.

This woven scarf series also embraces the concept of zero waste, which creates pieces that cannot be duplicated, and are also full of character.

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To inquire about available pieces, please feel free to CONTACT us.

Currently we are focusing on producing micro collections of one-of -a-kind pieces. Each series will be available for a short time period, and then the next series will be presented for sale.