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Bull Skinny Scarf

The “Bull Skinny Scarf” was created as an ode to Western Canada.

The bull motif was designed as a tribute to western culture; that of ranches, rodeos and stampedes.

The scarf’s narrower width, and longer length, allows for the scarf to be worn in multiple ways. A great scarf for those who like to experiment with clothes, and a distinctive way to add a unique touch to both dressy and casual outfits.

This one-of-a-kind knit scarf features hand dyeing with botanical dyes, proving that environmentally conscious fashion can also be beautiful.

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The Skinny Scarf – Striped with Gold Thread

Have you ever wondered where inspiration for a piece comes from? The initial idea for the “Skinny Scarf – Striped with Gold Thread” began on the west coast of Canada. As I watched the sail boats, and walked around marinas, I noticed a reoccurring theme of blue and white stripes, especially in shirts and sweaters that the boat owners were wearing.

I started to think about how nautical stripes could be done differently. An item different from shirts and sweaters. A creative approach to the stripe colors. The “Skinny Scarf – Striped with Gold Thread” is what grew out of this thought process.

A skinny scarf seemed like a perfect way to take nautical stripes, and build them into an accessory. Next, I chose the fibre to use; I decided upon Tencel, which provides deep shades when dyed by hand in natural dyes, and also has a silky feel.

The next design choice was with regards to color. Instead of staying with the classic blue and white, a darker stripe was also added. For fun, the whole piece also had gold thread added to the construction, for a bit of sparkle. A long fringe added a finishing touch.

It is quite interesting to see how a piece can evolve from inspiration, to finished piece.

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