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Summer Knits at Old Strathcona Arts Emporium

Summer is in full swing, and our summer knits are currently available at Old Strathcona Arts Market, in Edmonton (AB, Canada) until this Sunday.

Scarves, ponchos and small gift pieces are part of the offering. All pieces are handcrafted and dyed in natural dyes .

Our summer weight scarves are perfect for the current heat wave. Light and airy in summer colors.

Old Strathcona Arts Emporium is located at  10309 Whyte Ave., Edmonton, AB in the heart of the Old Strathcona shopping district.

Up Close

Do you ever look at how pieces are made, close up?
This is pretty cool, so I thought I would share it. This is a toque being tailored while being knit. It is a detail most people won’t notice, but it makes a huge difference. This tailoring makes for a classic shaped toque that follows the shape of the head. It takes twice as long to make a toque using this method, but the result is so nice. This style of toque is also zero-waste and incorporates hand stitching.
We are currently working on some new pieces. Summer scarves, statement pieces, and some classic knits. With this work in progress, the online shop is in maintenance mode for a few days. However, if you see something that interests you in the next few days, feel free to send a message and we can chat details.



Natural dyeing day. Today I am dyeing with osage wood chips. The wood chips are steeped , much like tea, before beginning the dyeing process. This natural dye will provide a yellow color to the organic cotton knits that will be dyed over the next few days.

Natural dyeing is a slow process. It is not unusual for pieces to spend days in the dye pot with adjustments being made. Each dyeing session provides slightly different results, part of the joy of creating natural fashion.

New spring and summer cotton pieces coming soon to the shop.